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The fact thousands of users want to download WhatsApp for PC isn’t surprising, especially considering this Android and iOS application has had billions of installs in India, the UK, and the USA. The small app is useful to all these people with no limitations on sending messages for free, the amount of characters in each message, or adding video, etc.

WhatsApp for PC

In 2015 we noted official WhatsApp developers launching a web version to get Whatsapp for PC even easier with features aimed at Android, Windows phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Nokia devices. If you felt the need to quickly use WhatsApp on PC, then it was easy by going to followed by scanning a QR code into your chosen smartphone. This allows you to access messaging online from a desktop computer, as seen in the screenshot below.

WhatsApp for PC windows

While this is a handy solution to using WhatsApp for PCs, the client isn’t perfect and has problems with users reporting various bugs. There’s also downsides, the first complaint came at the start when users found out they needed to be connected to the Internet or the WhatsApp web app wouldn’t work. The solution is found in alternatives, as you can download Bluestacks to allow users to run the messenger on a laptop or PC thanks to this Android emulator working on both Mac and PC.

It’s true not everyone enjoys using Bluestacks, but there’s hardly any apps that won’t work on the software. During the install, you will need to enable App Notifications and App Store access, after this you might see various notifications for updates.

The WhatsApp for PC answer right now? If you are happy with the official web app, then we highly recommend using it. If not, it has to be the download for Bluestacks found in the link to the right of this page. Once you have installed this software at your own risk of course, then it’s just a matter of installing WhatsApp with the software by searching for “WhatsApp”.

During this process, you need to click the link “Search Play for” and what you’re looking for, then continue when you see the enable AppStore and App Sync message followed by entering details for your Google account. This creates a link between your Google account and Bluestacks, which allows you to be taken to the Play Store and download the WhatsApp app.

This allows computer users to install WhatsApp on their PC with Bluestacks and enable the PC service after entering a phone number. You will need to sacrifice your phone number unless you opt for using a fake option like with a virtual phone number using online free services to direct to email.

Problems with WhatsApp for PC in 2016

Share issues, a fix, and ask for help with WhatsApp for PC below.

I have an issue with my WhatsApp right now, I am using Chromebook and not able to connect to WhatsApp for like 20 hours now.

I am India and no matter what part of India I travel to I cannot get my Whatsapp to work on my laptop, what’s changed for it not to be working now when it was a month ago?

Not really any difference with mobile or PC version this week, both have been on and off at not letting me send any messages or images.

Sending messages are not working, yesterday I had issues receiving them as well. This is happening far too much lately. I got most of problems like this.

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